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Group complaints

In a group complaint a large number of consumers have a dispute with the same business regarding the same matter. A group complaint can be filed if many consumers have bought a product with the same design or manufacturing defect, for instance, or a service that does not correspond to what has been agreed. A group complaint can also be used if a business has concluded a contract containing an unfair term with many consumers.

A group complaint is filed by the Consumer Ombudsman

A group complaint can only be put in motion by the Consumer Ombudsman, who files an application to the Consumer Disputes Board after considering a case.

In the application the Consumer Ombudsman defines the group that a complaint concerns.

The members of the group do not need to be specified by name, however.

Once the Consumer Dispute Board has made its recommendation, the Consumer Ombudsman helps the members of the group to obtain redress.

A matter can be handled as a group complaint only if the other party is a business.

A group complaint cannot be filed in matters where claims are brought against a private person, even if the matter otherwise falls within the Board's competence.

Published 10.7.2013