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Consumer matters

The Consumer Disputes Board can resolve disputes concerning consumer products in which the buyer is a consumer and the seller is a business.

These disputes are generally subject to the provisions in the Consumer Protection Act.

The Consumer Disputes Board does not handle disputes between two private persons. Exceptions to this are disputes concerning housing transactions, rented housing and the assignment of occupancy rights, in which the parties can also be two private persons.

For example, if you have bought a used car from a private person, the Board cannot handle a dispute.

Nor can the Board handle complaints concerning products or services if the buyer is a business - a company or a self-employed person.

If your company has bought a computer, for example, the Board cannot handle a complaint concerning a defect in the computer.

Furthermore a dispute must involve a consumer product, i.e. one that is intended for use in a private household.

For example, a combine harvester is not a consumer product. It is marketed and sold only to farmers.

Published 10.7.2013